What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a popular method for delivering regularly changing web content. It will be used by topjobs to push Job Alerts to you.

Why use RSS?

RSS will provide you an alert on your desktop (via your RSS reader) as soon as job alerts are posted on This will enable you to stay up to date on jobs within your area of interest and provide you with the advantage of being the first to know when a vacancy arises. The objective of topjobs is to carry every vacancy in Sri Lanka, and currently there are hundreds of new vacancies added every day.

How do I use RSS?

To use RSS you will need RSS reader software that will allow you to receive, collect and display RSS feeds. RSS readers allow you to select the feeds you require and, by automatically retrieving updates, stay current with new content as soon as it is published. If your browser does not have an in-build RSS reader, download a reader
Such as:

or visit your favorite search engine and look up "RSS reader aggregator". You can use your RSS reader to read news sites and other cool content sites - so once you have installed it, check out other sites as well, such as BBC, CNN, MSDN, New York Times etc. A good place to learn about RSS is which has a listing of RSS sites.

After setting up your news reader, you will be ready to use our RSS feeds. To select one or more of the feeds below (for your preferred job categories), copy the location (URL) of the required job category and paste it in your RSS reader as instructed by the specific reader. The reader will then list the vacancies, and update regularly.

Terms of Use

RSS (really simple syndication) service is a means by which offers feeds of latest job updates in XML format ("RSS Content") to visitors to who use RSS aggregators. These Terms of Use govern your use of the RSS service. The use of the RSS service also is subject to the Terms and Conditions, which governs the use of, information services and content. These Terms of Use may be changed by topjobs at any time and will be made available on this site.

Use of RSS Feeds / Disclaimer:

RSS is a free service offered by The information obtained via RSS feeds provided by topjobs may be used for the sole purpose of obtaining job alerts. You may not use this information for any other purpose including promotional activity, sending unsolicited emails, transmitting harmful content or any such activity. You are encouraged to use the free RSS service at your discretion, and topjobs will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by using RSS readers on your computer systems.

Job Category Location (URL)  

For example, a screen picture of an RSS reader listing topjobs vacancies is shown below. The RSS reader will automatically list new vacancies as they are posted.


To advertise vacancies: or call [ Mon-Fri | 8.30 am - 5.00 pm ]
Silmiya   076 910 8691
Madushani   076 910 8766
Shamal   076 250 2859
Danushka   076 893 8443
Savidya   076 931 1121

(International: Prefix the number with '+94' e.g. +94 76 910 8691)

Tel | (+94) 11 776 5645, (+94) 11 776 5600 [ Mon-Fri | 8.30 am - 5.00 pm ]
Email |

Tel | (+94) 11 776 5645, (+94) 77 391 8922
Email |

Email |

Email |