What our clients say about us

We, Smart Quest, are very happy about Genesiis Software Pvt. Ltd.'s service for our business's progress and thank you very much for your valuable service. With your right instructions and responses (gotten through mail and calls) at the required time in many difficult situations, we could run our services effectively and efficiently. Let's keep this good connection for a long time!  

Chamathka Arunodi
Human Resource Executive
Smart Quest Pvt Ltd, COLOMBO

The topjobs team has been providing us an exceptional customer service experience including fast troubleshooting, availability, and flexibility of the team. Further, They offered suitable subscription solutions even during challenging financial times. topjobs Helpdesk also helped us through friendly conversations and overall we are having a pleasant experience with them. Furthermore, we express our gratitude to the entire topjobs team for their remarkable efforts during their 11-year relationship. Looking forward to continuing our relationship with them and will not hesitate to recommend their services to others.  

Gayan De Alwis
Manager - Human Resources
Maga Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo 05

We use topjobs is an exceptional platform in our recruitment process. The platform's user-friendly interface streamlines the entire process, from creating job postings to managing applications. It's efficient features save time and enable us to focus on selecting the most qualified candidates. topjobs' extensive network and social media platforms ensure job postings receive maximum exposure. Additionally, the platform offers targeted advertising options, reaching specific segments increasing the chances of finding the perfect fit for Bileeta. The platform is user-friendly and highly recommended for organizations seeking effective job vacancy posting solution. Bileeta's success is in attracting top talent and building a strong team is a testament to the platform's exceptional services and impact on the recruitment process.  

Chamali Fernando
Senior HR Executive
Bileeta (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo 05

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional service we received from topjobs help desk staff. Whether it was morning or evening, they promptly attended to our inquiries and demonstrated a remarkable commitment to providing outstanding service. It gives us great pleasure to acknowledge the excellent service we have experienced from your company. The level of professionalism displayed by topjobs  has been exemplary. We genuinely appreciate the promptness and efficiency with which you handled our inquiries. Their swift responses have ensured a smooth and seamless experience for us, enabling us to expedite our recruitment process without delays. This level of commitment and responsiveness reflects positively on your company's values and commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence.  

Lahiru Guruge
Senior Manager Group Human Resource
Metropolitan Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo 02

This is to provide feedback on your service level, and please note that we are very happy about your services. Particularly, the helpdesk staff at topjobs, has given us a very professional service.  

Asela Hapuarachchi
Senior Manager - Organizational Development & Talent Management
LankaPay (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo

I am writing this email as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by your help desk customer service staff. Many of the issues I ran into when I placed ads were resolved by topjobs staff. They are true professionals who take a compassionate approach. Please accept my appreciation for this and your customer service team's prompt and effective services. A long-lasting relationship with your customers that goes beyond simply providing a service is something you can convey through excellent customer service. I am really satisfied with the expertise and abilities of your employees. Thank you to the entire topjobs team, and they deserve special praise for their outstanding service!  

Softlogic Finance PLC , Colombo

We would like to share some feedback on this subject. topjobs is currently the primary vendor for recruitment sourcing efforts in our company. Supporting us to secure highly valued candidates over the years. topjobs help desk staff have been contacting the account for many years now. They have always been prompt and attentive to our requirements, maintaining a commendable level of service at all times. Whenever there have been issues, we've seen him provide focus and take an interest in resolving them. And where needed, educates us on any measures to take from a user perspective, demonstrating good commitment and value addition. Accordingly, we want to appreciate topjobs service to us over the years and hope he continues to do so in the future.  

Ikraam Makeen
Director - Human Resources
Infor, Colombo 03

We are pleased to inform you that topjobs has been dealing with our account for a long time now, and whenever we faced any issues, they settled the matter in the shortest time possible. We rely on topjobs more than the print media these days; hence, we were able to find suitable candidates to fill our vacancies effectively. I have been handling the topjobs account all throughout, and recently it was handed to another person. topjobs help desk staff gave her comprehensive training about the system, which was very informative.  

Piyumie Alwis
Executive Secretary
Certis Lanka Security Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo 04

I wish to inform you that we have not come across any big issues so far. We are really satisfied with your services. Giving a friendly, efficient service on time, considering your flexibility, made us carry out the services for a longer period. We hope to do more work with you in the future.  

Maduchani Dhanushika
HR Executive
Delmege Forsyth & Co. Ltd, COLOMBO 10

  To give you feedback on topjobs help desk. They represent among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Information was accurate, and responses to queries were turned around very fast. The answers were clear and, where necessary, detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly, minimizing the end-to-end processing time. Keep up the good work.  

Fahad Rahim
Senior Executive - Talent Acquisition
Metropolitan Technologies (PVT) Limited, Colombo 02

  I am writing this appreciation on behalf of Lanka Aluminium Industries plc. I would like to extend our appreciation for the prompt service provided by topjobs team. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to others who wish to avail themselves of them. best wishes and regards.  

Mr. Asoka Tennakon
Head of HR ( Human Resources )
Lanka Aluminium Industries PLC, Colombo

  We have been received the high quality service from your end and we are truly satisfied with the service.  

Anuruddha Rathnayake
Assistant Manager - Human Resources
Assetline Finance Limited,

  We sincerely appreciate your support for us at all times. The team has helped us every time when we reached out for any clarification or to resolve an issue. Your customer service team supports us at all times when we request any assistance with regard to Top Jobs. Further we use Top Jobs as a first priority for our recruitments as an external job portal. We value your constant support and its truly appreciated. We hope to work with you many more years.  

Dahami Pathirana
Manager - Talent Acquisition & Employee Engagement
Union Assurance PLC,

  Our organization has been working with topjobs for over 2 years now. The customer service provided has been excellent. The helpdesk staff are our points of contact, and they have been extremely helpful and responsive to ensure we have a positive experience. It has indeed been a pleasure working with them.  

Krishantha Rajah Prameeshan
Talent Coordination Executive
George Bernard (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo

  I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation for the topjobs helpdesk team's constant excellent services provided to EME. They have always been proactive and accommodating with all our requests. I hope this feedback will add value to their career and assist in developing it further.  

Nipuni Liyanage
Specialist - People and Culture
eMarketingEye (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo

  I would like to share my feedback on the service of the topjobs team. topjobs has always been convenient and very user-friendly when it comes to publishing, reopening, editing, and closing any vacancy at any time. Also, it is with great pleasure that I inform you that we are very pleased with your team, the Help Desak team, who have all always been very helpful with any issue we have encountered with our account or our vacancies on topjobs, with prompt responses.  

Osuri Rajakaruna
Admin Department
Data Management Systems (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo

  This is regarding topjobs.lk client service. They advised me on how to reopen the vacancy as well as other features available through the topjobs. friendly and helpful. I wish you all the best.


Senuri Kurukulasooriya
Human Resources Assistant
Kapruka Holdings PLC, Colombo

  topjobs Team I would like to thank your entire team for being so supportive and flexible. We've been using topjobs for vacancy postings for years, and the responses have been fantastic. Thank you, and I wish you all the very best  

Mafaz Zarook
Assistant Manager - Talent Acquisition
Amana Bank PLC, Colombo

  Upon my request, the topjobs help desk team conducted a virtual session for us to assist with vacancy posting and other useful features. So I would like to thank the entire team and appreciate the way they conducted the session. It was well organized, and well equipped with the options and materials. Well done. Keep it up.  

Maduka Dissanayake
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Michelin In Sri Lanka, Colombo

  The purpose of this email is to appreciate, topjobs help desk staff for their excellent  services provided towards EME. They have always been proactive and accommodating with all our requests, providing us with excellent service  

Amaya Wijethunga
Executive People & Culture
eMarketingEye (Pvt) Ltd, colombo 05

  I just wanted to let you know that the topJobs help desk is really helpful and responded back quickly. highly appreciated their efforts.  

Yasintha Vidanapathirana
Human Resource Management PQHRM - John Keells Logistics
John Keells Holdings - John keells logistics, Colombo

  Thank you very much for your prompt support of all the jobs we request. Your instant support helped us in many ways. Great Job  

Niranjani Rajaratnam
Manager Human Resources
KBSL Information Technologies Limited Colombo, Colombo 02

  We have been using topjobs since 2011 and we are happy with the resumes we have been able to generate on same. In addition, Dilan Silva who is handling our account has been accessible within and outside working hours and has been able to resolve our queries.  

Hasanthi Mahalekam
Manager HR Business Partner
Agro Harapan Lestari (Pvt) Ltd,

  C C L Executive Search is a Company engaged in both local and Foreign recruitment and has used topjobs as our main search medium for candidates. We have been working with top jobs for over 11 years and our experience with them has exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism and quick response to our numerous queries and issues and troubleshooting is exceptional. We have remained with topjobs over the years as we are confident that we can find the right candidates through topjobs to suit numerous requirements of our clients. We have over the past 11 years done successful placements both local and foreign from the candidates connected through topjobs. We found topjobs to be efficient and reliable and have no hesitation in recommending their services.  

Samantha Karunasekera
Managing Director
CCL Executive Search (Pvt) Ltd,

  Dear topjobs Team, We would like to express our appreciation for the excellent service provided by you at all times. We mainly use topjobs for our recruitment requirements and so far we have had no issues with the type of candidates we hire for IT/Tech Support and Sales. It would be good to have a better quality of candidate to choose from for senior positions such as Accountants, Senior Systems Administrators etc. We would especially like to thank Dilan who is available at any time to assist us with any issues.  

Joanne Gunasinghe
Manager - Admin
Eureka Technology Partners Pvt Ltd,

  We have received excellent service from the topjobs team when we update our vacancies. The topjobs team is very cooperative when we have problems with the system and provide very quick responses to resolve the issues. Best wishes to Dilan and the team to provide more efficient service in the future as well.  

Thiloka Wijerathne
Assistant Manager Human Resources
Perfetti Van Melle Lanka (Pvt) Ltd,

  I am delighted to hereby recommend topjobs.lk customer service is always meeting our requirement with minimum hassle. Our key account manager is always there to give us prompt cooperation to use topjobs.lk in maximum level in fulfilling our recruitment needs. Finding the right candidates for job openings is not an easy task. As HR professionals, we have tried many different job boards and resume databases over the years in Sri Lanka. And happy to say that as a large diversified group of companies, we are able to fulfill most of our talent searches by using this career portal since 2013. All the very best  

Rasheed Jassin
Head - Group Human Resources
KDG Global,

  topjobs is very efficient and always ready to help with any issue. It is easy to work with them as I know they do their job very thoroughly. The job postings need to be posted fast and that is always done on his end Shanya Fernando HR Executive John Keells Group HR  

Shanya Fernando
HR Executive John Keells Group HR
John Keells Holdings, Colombo

  Just wanted to give feedback in regards to dealing with you over the past couple of months. topjobs team has been very supportive in ensuring that our adverts are managed in a timely and smooth manner. In the event that I need any clarifications or support, they have been very responsive! Looking forward to continuing our work with the topjobs team.  

Sadushi Perera
Specialist People and Culture
eMarketingEye (Pvt) Ltd,

  Your service is excellent and I received positive responses from prospective candidates. It is a priceworthy and hassle-free service. Let me convey my regards to your dedicated staff.  

Mr. Indeewara Thilakarathne
Designation withheld
Name withheld,

The response from jobseekers looking to work overseas has been very good. The system has provided us with an ideal tool to streamline our recruitment operations.  

A.S.M Fazli
Managing Director
Colombo Manpower,

We actively use topjobs to carry out all recruitment activities. topjobs is very helpful to streamline recruitment operations. In addition to the saving of advertising costs, we have also saved time because of the completely paperless environment provided by using topjobs. We are very happy with the service provided due to the high degree of professionalism and wish to build a long term relationship with topjobs.  

Andrea Jayatilleka
Smart Quest,

We have received a very good response to vacancies advertised on topjobs. topjobs has also helped us to expand our reach to a wider audience of jobseekers  

Samanmali Chandrasiri
Rewards & Talent Manager
Ceylon Tobacco Company,

Have received an excellent response for vacancy posting on topjobs. Use topjobs solely to advertise many positions. Huge cost savings have been made by using topjobs to advertise jobs.  

Shevanthi Kanaganayagam
HR Manager
HNB Assurance,

We have used topjobs very effectively for recruitment within the Hemas Group over the past year. topjobs has helped us maintain a completely paperless environment when recruiting for certain positions. This has helped us reduce costs and make our recruitment process more efficient  

Niranjan Perera
Manager - Human Resources
Hemas Holdings PLC,

Just a comment on the topjobs service, which I should not hesitate to say is hard to find - a service extended by ALL staff members of topjobs. I was personally following an issue a few days back when the passwords were not recognized; you were very helpful as we were so badly in need to get printouts of the jobseeker profiles in preparation for interviews with the foreign principals. I must be thankful to topjobs for creating a new era for foreign recruitment in Sri Lanka as recently I published a vacancy and there were many Sri Lankans already employed in the Middle East who applied. After we shortlisted we got our principals to interview and an applicant from Doha-Qatar was selected for post of Accounts Manager for a monthly salary of USD.5000/- Cheers.  

Vimal Perera
Managing Director
Fortuna Foreign Recruitment Services,

Your organization gave a very big contribution to fulfill our requirement. By advertising on topjobs we were able to recruit 21 tradesmen. I thank topjobs on behalf of my regiment  

Name withheld
Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Sri Lanka Army,

I have been flooded with responses & emails - too many in fact!  

Name withheld
Designation withheld
Multinational civil engineering company,

You have been providing us with a world-class customer service, both for (company name withheld) and during my time at (company name withheld). Thank you for the excellent customer service and keep up the good work.  

Name withheld
HR Manager
International FMCG consumer brand,

Thank you very much for the training provided it was a good refresher and helped us sort out some of the queries that we had. Thank you for your help in coordinating the same and a special thanks to support team for facilitating the session for us. Thank you for the support rendered by the topjobs team at all times.  

Name withheld
Human Resource Solutions
Smart Quest Pvt Ltd,

Jobseeker Testimonials

My name is Nawod Kumarasinghe, and I am a graduate university student with 2 years of experience on the microbiology side. I was reaching out to you today to discuss some guidelines on how to find a complete topjobs profile. At topjobs, I would love the way they helped me show my request and provide excellent customer service from the helpdesk staff; it was so efficient, short, sweet, and easy to understand with some good tricks. He would be so happy to answer any questions I have asked, so please accept my pleasure in perfect customer service  

Nawod Kumarasinghe

I found my first job through this topjobs website. So I would like to be thankful for the whole topjobs crew, and I wish you all the best of luck and success.  

Malith Pathmasiei
George Steuart Group - Quality Assurance Executive

I greatly appreciate the support given by topjobs help desk staff in my request by finding the details and forwarding me the details of the advertised vacancy in Fiji. Thanks a lot, and I appreciate you once again for your support.  

Mahesh Balasuriya
Designation withheld

As a sales and marketing person for about 30 years, this was the most prompt and excellent customer service that I had from the few that I had in the past. I am very happy and satisfied with the service from topjobs, and there's nothing for me to do; he completely gave me all the detail that I needed to know, so once again, I am thinking of him for the prompt and excellent service offered.  

Anderson Diaz
Designation withheld

I highly appreciate the prompt and friendly customer support given by topjobs Help Desk Staff and the team in resolving my issue. while wholeheartedly commending their enthusiastic service and continuous follow-ups rendered till a complete resolution is given. cheers !!  

Rachitha Kalambaarachchi
Designation withheld

  I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by topjobs on March 20, 2023. I was facing the problem of needing some technical help related to the topjobs site. I was attended by topjobs help desk, and it took them hardly 10 minutes to rectify the problem with my issue. The ability to provide a resolution quickly exceeded my expectations. I really commend the prompt service provided. I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of your staff. Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just providing a service. I would love to recommend your company to anyone seeking a good job. Keep up the good work.  

Sakith Wijesinghe
Designation withheld

  I would like to thank your company's personnel at the customer service division for their excellent support. They took care of all my queries in a jiffy. They provided timely and helpful advice regarding the technical support of the topjobs site. They let me know all the important information regarding the product, including its features, adjustable buttons, and feature consumption. They were extremely attentive, and they listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. I also made certain that I had all the information I needed about the overseas vacancy and that I needed to apply soon. I was very thankful that the customer service division explained which vacancy would suit my needs best. I also solved the problem regarding the issue I faced. They took a caring approach, and they are true professionals. Please accept my gratitude towards your customer care staff for their speedy and efficient services.  

Dr. Vidura Perera
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo

  I really appreciate topjobs website. Because I have been looking for a new job for the past few weeks. So I contacted Applicant support to find the job I wanted. After that I received excellent guidance from him. In a few days, I got the perfect job as I thought. So I am happy with this topjobs website and I am proud to say that the customer service I received was of an unmatched quality. Thank you  

Malika Asanka
Designation withheld

  I had a bug regarding an element of the topjobs profile recently. I was able to resolve my problem after contacting a support assistant at the topJobs help desk. The instructions were clear and on point, and I am glad to have a service like that  

Kavishika Kahandawala

  This is a reference to the support email I sent to the topJobs team last month, asking for help finding a job through the topJobs site and the process of applying for and finding a job. I would like to send my appreciation to your company and especially to the Help Desk for providing great support in finding a good job for my future career. I enjoyed and appreciated your support in finding this job in the marketing department. Thanks so much for helping me get to this level. I managed to find a job through topjobs.lk. It sounds like a rewarding role, especially given the opportunities for collaboration and advancement. I think my marketing skills, combined with my marketing experience, would make me an excellent candidate for the role  

Nisansala Fernando
Marketing Specialist

  It gives me great pleasure to mention and sincere appreciation goes out to topjobs team they gone out of his way to assist me several times when I needed help for various matters relating to topjobs vacancy advertisements. True commitment and dedication have been displayed many times, followed by timely responses. TopJobs' exceptional level of customer care is an example for many others in the industry. I shall continue to work with him going forward for future requirements.  

Chammika De Silva
Head of Exports Lanka Spice (Pvt) Ltd Mc Currie Green Foods (Pvt) Ltd
Makumbura, Pannipitiya

  Writing this to you to thank you from bottom of my heart. Thanks a lot for helping me to find my dream job. I will never forget this . I may be one of the customers you meet daily and this message might not be surprising for you but Topjobs means a lot to me . So i thought of writing to you for the service you had done to me . All the best for the upcoming successful years you are going to face. With Love.  

Suresh Fernando

  My problem was addressed to topjobs customer service. They helped me to fix the problem. I appreciate the help and I am overall happy with the service.  


  Thank you very much for your email and assistance and guiding me via phone call on rectifying the issue and explaining the reasons. The issue has been resolved now and I have applied for the job. I am delighted by the level of customer service and commitment your entire team has provided.  


  Please reproduce this "Thank You" letter so that others may know about your site. You are doing a great public service by this Web site. I got my present job by using your site and now I am working in the Human Resource (HR) section of the company that employed me. All of us in the HR Section talk about your site and its usefulness.  

Designation withheld

  Thank you topjobs. I logged on to your site and there were so many Vacancies in so many different areas of employment. It took me a little time but I got a Job. What is important is that everything was FREE. No registered letters no copying testimonials and certificates. I scanned all of them and submitted them with my job application. I had to show the originals only at the interview. Your site is great.  

Designation withheld

cafe: great feature. Dear topjobs, The new thing you have placed on the topjobs website called topjobs Cafe player is really great. I love it. It was one of the greatest things and i have never seen a thing like that before. I hope you will give more nice features like this in the future too  

P. Silva
Designation withheld

You should advertise more. It was by chance that I came to know about your Site. My girl friend told me about it. She had got a job by applying through your site. Now I also got a job. Please advertise your Site more.  

Designation withheld

Your Site is wonderful. Although already employed, it got me a better job. I have told all my friends about you. I am sure they will use it  

Designation withheld

If not for you I will still be unemployed as with all my qualifications I could not get a proper job. A friend told me about your site. I looked it up and applied for a job in the IT Sector and within six weeks I got a job. My parents and I are eternally grateful to you.  

Designation withheld

Thank you. I am one of your regular visitors. I have found a very good job through your service.  

Designation withheld

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